Coaching is unlocking a persons potential to maximize their own performance . It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them " 

InsideOut Development - Branded Solutions

InsideOut Development is the world leader in workplace coaching. Founded over 25 years ago, Alan Fine co-creator of the widely recognized GROW® model, is the founder and president of InsideOut Development. InsideOut  Development  award-winning  programs help leaders free up the top performer inside each individual, discover workplace coaching and get to 100%. Visit InsideOut Development Website


CoachingOurselves - Branded Solutions

CoachingOurselves was founded in 2007 by Phil LeNir and Henry Mintzberg to bring Henry’s approach to management education into the workplace. CoachingOurselves themed discussion guides, help small groups of managers develop collaboratively over 90-minute sessions through a broad range of topics that captures the pedagogy of world renowned management thinkers to deliver impactful leadership and cultural change initiatives. Visit CoachingOurselves Website